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Matt FREAKIN Hardy...I really HATE HIM [Aug. 2nd, 2005|12:59 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |I FUCKING HATE YOU by Godsmack...dedicated to Matt Hardy]

Any wrestling fans out there? Well if there are then you know about the return of the twat master, Matt Hardy. Here is what I think about Vinnie Macs Decision:

Vince's Big Announcement: First off, I loved how he agreed with the fans when he said that bischoff is very unpopular and having him back is EXTREMELY unpopular. Second...GODDAMN I HATE MATTFUCKINGHARDY!!!

I knew that was coming...it couldn't be brock because I see Brock coming back and interfering in the JBL v Batista 2 match for some reason and Batista and Brock having a possibly decent feud going on. But Back to Matt Hardy....To clarify before I go onto to my Rant...I WAS A HARDY BOY FAN!!! I loved Matt and I loved Jeff. They were the whole reason I started to get back INTO wrestling again. I looked up to both Matt and Jeff, and then Lita when she joined the team....But after Matts actions I can't like him anymore, as a wrestler or as a person. I've had a lot of shit done to me in my life and no matter what, I'd never, EVER wish death on someone, ok that isn't true, if they were a child molester or a wife beater or a rapist then i might, but even the man who molested me never went to jail for what he did to me, he did eventually and all i wished on him was to be someones prisonbitch...but thats another story entirely. Adam/Edge has EVERY right to be pissed off at Matt. Matt opened his mouth and caused this shit storm. Adam/Edge and Amy/Lita were both ordered, I believe, to keep quiet or they'd lose their jobs just like Matt did. Matt was the one who caused the entire controversy by opening his yap and spilling his tell all on the net for anyone to read. Matt is a two faced sonofabitch who half the time you don't know what end he's speaking out of, his mouth or his ass...either way you need a shovel to get through the bullshit he spews. He goes on saying that he and amy are now back on good terms, then pulls something out of left field saying that amy is depressed and wants to kill herself because of whats going on and then goes on to say that she is a slut a whore and that they'll never be friends again...and he says this all in the same week....then the following week...oh yeah amy and i are on good terms again. we're slowly getting back the friendship...

And I'm sorry Matt but did Adam castrate you? Did he steal your sperm? You can still have a family you can still have kids with that new girl your banging Lori...or did you forget about her...

I really do hope Matt gets his asskicked by Adam...notice I said Adam and not Edge because of the sheer fact that Matt is making this out to be a personal crusade to basically kill Adam and Amy, more Adam then anyone else. Screw the street fight put the two guys in a Hell in a Cell and make it a Last Man Standing Match inside the HiaC....and at the end of the match make a stipulation that either way this whole storyline is over and done with...that neither Matt, Adam/Edge, or Amy/Lita can bring it up ever again in the business or anywhere else for that matter.

From: (Anonymous)
2005-10-15 03:38 pm (UTC)

Matt Hardy

I love Matt Hardy. He is the sexiest man in the whole world. Matt Hardy is My favorite wrestler in the whole world. Matt Hardy is super sexy. I am glad that Matt is going back home to Smackdown where is belongs. Matt Hardy has a sexy ass. I love looking at Matt Hardy's sexy ass.
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